Welcome to Divine Games.net!

Our first Christian game title Break-Out The Bible has launched! It has gotten rave reviews from Christ Centered Gamer and Family Friendly Gaming gave us an 83%. We have a demo available and you can buy the game for $3.99 You can also play the game online if you are in Windows.

Check out our e-bay listing you can get the game for as low as .99 cents!

Do you like the idea of this game? Want to help us spread the word? (literally!) Sign up on PayLoadz and we’ll give you $1 for every copy you sell!

This site/blog will be recording my journey into game development and self publishing. It’s a lot of work and there’s not a lot of money in it. 🙂 I’ll be using the Torque Game Builder 1.7.4 engine and will be posting my completed tutorial games for your enjoyment. Please keep in mind that I’m very new to this and the games will get better eventually…

God Bless!