Free Games

This will be the resting place of completed tutorials and mini games that I
have made. Have fun and have patience, I’m new at this!

Eb Chronicles PC
This is a Final Fantasy Style game that I have made using RPG Maker XP

Ant Wars 1.1 PC
Ant Wars 1.1 Mac
This was made in 12 days as part of a speed game contest. There was a
20MB limit so I had to limit it to 5 levels. Happy zapping!

1.1 fixes
added the required splash screen with 10 second wait—sorry
added a tally of evil ants remaining
fixed scoring issues
fixed gui and high score after beating the game
Tic-Tac-Toe version .001
get 3 X’s in a row

to do list:

Smarter AI
Break-Out version .001
Knock out all of the bricks!

to do list:

High score tally
More levels
Whack a Mole version .002
Hit the moles with your mouse/Hammer

to do list:

sound effects fixed in v.002!
(in game) menu
high score tally
multiple resolutions support
Fish N’ Mines version .003

It’s a basic game using WASD controls and you’re an ordinary fish trying to eat bubbles and avoid mines.

to do list:

sound effects fixed in v.003!
better (in game) menu
better animations
more flexibility to changing directory locations fixed in v .002!
scoring and high score tally
multiple resolutions support