Break-Out the Bible!


Break-Out The Bible is our very first video game. It’s a break-out style game where you have to knock out all the bricks to advance to the next (Bible chapter themed) level. There are three difficulty levels to choose from.

  • Beginner: Ball goes a little faster in each level
  • Normal: Ball goes a little faster in each level, and for every brick that’s broken
  • Insane: Ball goes a little faster in each level, every hit makes the ball go faster as well as gaining speed with every brick that’s broken

There are power ups including additional life, multiple balls and balls that are double the size

There’s an online high score table…just imagine your name there!

Currently you can play online or download our 13MB demo

There is a Mac version available but it will only work in a windowed mode, not full screen

The music in the game is from Butterfly Tea

We have gathered many inspirational and beautiful backgrounds for this game, I hope you enjoy the game as much as I enjoyed making it. Not only is this game fun, it can be an excellent learning tool.

Ways to buy our game:

If you are interested in buying our game, please register on our site.

Once we receive payment, we’ll add a download link to your member area. You will have access to all versions of the game and any future updates. You’re not limited to how many computers you can install this game onto, but please be reasonable.

Break-Out The Bible:Full Version Break-Out The Bible : 1.2

$3.99  for digital download

If you want this game on CD you can have it for $9.99 to your door ($7.99 + 2.00 postage)

If you buy 2 CD’s, I’ll give you 1/2 off the second.   $14.99 for 2 CD’s to your door.  Use this button below for the discount offer.

We’re also offering a DivineGames T-shirt that comes with a digital copy of Break-Out The Bible for $11.99